Kelli Jackson~ The Moody Mare Bridle and Boutique 

Kelli Jackson is an avid lifelong horsewoman. She has worked as a working student and a professional groom for decades at A hunter barns, FEI level Dressage and in Eventing. She has been an active competitor in eventing and dressage. This well rounded background, and countless years of obsession with appropriate tack along with continued education and training, have developed a keen eye and strong instincts in working with a variety of horses and horsemen.

Her heart and passion is for the horse above all. Each horse is approached and assessed as the unique individual they are.

A whole horse mindset is leveraged towards creative problem solving, looking for solutions to maximize each horse's maximum comfort and increasing kind and effective communication between ponies and their partners.

Proudly LANTRA Accredited/HBFA certified Bit and Bridle Fitter through Horse Bit Fit Academy

Covering Southeast USA 

Travel for clinics available.


770-231-3346 (please text EST)