Equine Accredited Professionals Ethos Register - EAPER

Welcome to our Associate Member Listings. All members listed are LANTRA Accredited, And/Or Horse Bit Fit Academy Certified, Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultants

Consultants with the qualifications, and knowledge you want, and with the ethos your horse needs.

Just click on the page above, or link below relevant to your area. If there isn't an Associate Member listed in your area, ask those nearby who visit other areas by request.


Elizabeth Plowright MRCVS - Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Kayna Prescott - Cornwall and Devon, Somerset with specific arrangements

Sue Stanbridge - Somerset. Devon. Cornwall. Wiltshire. Gloucestershire. Others by request.

Claire Chadwick - North Wales. Cheshire. Wirral. Lancs.

Dr Ginny Bradley - Cheshire. Staffordshire. Derbyshire. Shropshire. Notts. Others by request.

Liz Holtzgartner - North Wales. South Cheshire. West Midlands. Shropshire.

Grace Wallace - Lancs. Greater Manchester. Cheshire. North Wales.

Catherine Baker - Wiltshire. Dorset. Somerset. Hampshire. Others by request.

Lorna Robertson - Leicestershire. Northamptonshire.

Vanessa Hardy - Leicestershire. Nottinghamshire. South Derbyshire.

Kirstin Bircher - Derbyshire. Nottinghamshire. Leicestershire. Staffordshire.

Karen Leggett - Staffordshire. Derbyshire. Shropshire. Cheshire. Mid Wales.

Naomi McAlesse - Nottinghamshire. Derbyshire. Lincolnshire. Leicester

Sarah Davenport - Staffordshire. Derbyshire. Cheshire. Warwickshire. Shropshire. Gloucestershire. North Wales.

Laura Paine - Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire. Other areas by request

Polly Godsafe - Essex

Abi Sinclair - Essex. Suffolk. Norfolk.

Treena Collins - Lincolnshire. Rutland.

Ali Reypert - Norfolk. North Suffolk.

Cheryl Reed - Worcestershire And Surrounding Area

Claire Gorrie - Hertfordshire. Bedfordshire. Buckinghamshire. London. Middlesex. Others by request.

Deana Tarr - Cumbria. Lancashire. Yorkshire.

Jane Williams - North Yorkshire. Northumberland.

Kelly West - Yorkshire. Derbyshire. Nottinghamshire. Lincolnshire. Others by request.

Becky Brown - Yorkshire. North Lincolnshire

Emma Busk - West Wales

Alex Thomas - South Wales

Tash Smith - South Wales. Gloucestershire. Herefordshire. Others by request.

Kat Collister - Isle Of Man

Jean Whitebread - Nottinghamshire. Leicestershire. Northamptonshire. Bedfordshire. Essex.

Sheri Pinkney - Wiltshire. Hampshire. Dorset.

Bianca Skillen - Isle Of Wight - Hampshire

Sarah Smart - North East Scotland.

Danielle McDonald - Aberdeenshire

Jennifer Roy - Central Scotland - Fife. Lanarkshire. Lothians. Angus. Stirlingshire. Perthshire.

Ciara Mainwaring - Northern Ireland


Claire Gorrie - Europe. The Middle East.

Claire Chadwick - Spain

Kelly Dean - Western Australia

Heather Goetsch - New England USA

Lisa Plumley - Eastern USA

Sharon Tiraschi - Colorado USA

Kelli Jackson - South East USA

Daniela Hanckov√° - Slovak Republic

Marie-Jeanne Cloux Dunand - Switzerland

All EAPER Consultants can supply clients with Bits and Bridles from the following recommended companies who work with the Academy:

Dragonfly Saddlery - Sprenger

Most importantly though, all EAPER Consultants are totally independent of brands carried, whether Bits or Bridles. They are not Sales Reps for any company or brand. This is extremely beneficial to you as a rider and your horse.

Contact your local Consultant from list above for a fitting and Consultation on Bits and Bridles.