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ethos and education

how horse bit fit is moving forward

Like many businesses in these mad times, Horse Bit Fit had to find a way forward, or close...

We no longer have Contracted Consultants, but we will now have access to Equestrian Professionals and Consultants, not only in UK, but overseas too.
The HORSE BIT FIT ETHOS register, available for you to choose who you use, not tied to areas as before, which we know caused few issues anyway. Equine Professionals, as in saddle fitters, equine massage etc, who all have LANTRA Accreditation through HBF. (Please contact us if you've taken the HBF Intro Bit and Bridle Fitting Course, there are opportunities for you to be to be added. T&C's apply)

Horse Bit Fit will also now have many more opportunities for people to become LANTRA Bit And Bridle Fitting Consultants. This is no longer restricted. If you applied before to Consult for HBF please contact us again. There are no fees, no interviews, and no area restrictions to where you work.

And we have new Courses lined up, to give you lots more choice, and some fun. A mini Bitting Myth Busting course, almost a tongue twister! Also an Owners Basic Bit and Bridle Fitting Course, which will give you another choice instead of having a Consultation, especially at present when you need help with issues, but Consultants can't travel to your yard.

These are new exciting times for Horse Bit Fit, a new way forward. To carry on improving horse, and riders lives with our ethos.
Thank you for your support in these very strange times.... 

the structure of how horse bit fit works is changing with the "ethos register"

What is Horse Bit Fit Ethos?
Those of you who've had a Consultation with the Horse Bit Fit LANTRA trained and Accredited Consultants will have a good idea already, and know the difference it can make. HBF Ethos is based on the welfare of horses in ridden work, whether hacking, or competing at the top level. Not compromising a horse's biomechanics, or performance with Bits and Bridles not suitable, or fitted incorrectly. Simple adjustments, and changes can make such a difference. HBF Accredited Courses show, and teach this, and every Professional, Consultant and Supplier on the "Ethos Register" will have this knowledge as a base.

Horse Bit fit leading the way in education



Understand how Bits, and Bridles really affect your horse. dispels many Bitting myths. No Bit Brand, or Bridle Brand promoted as covers many .
Intro Course: LANTRA Accreditation available for existing established businesses. This qualification also opens up the Advanced Consultant Course to the student - UKRS accreditation for grooms, and employees in equestrian yards, and similar - CPD Accreditation equal to 20 hours/points for vets, physios etc
Course for owners, riders, anyone involved in the equestrian world, interested in horse welfare, and performance. will give confidence, and excellent up to date knowledge to fit Bits, and Bridles to optimise your horse's performance, and improve general well-being.
Next Enrolments for Intro 20th February 2021, starting 28th February 2021 , but there is waiting list and course numbers are limited.
Advanced Consultant Course: LANTRA Accreditation. Stand alone qualification enabling the student to Consult on Bits and Bridles, in UK or overseas. 
And Advanced 20th March 2021, starting 28th march 2021  

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Article in Intelligent Horsemanship by Kelly Marks about how Horse Bit Fit works, and why, with input from HBF