Meet Jack, his 2 legged mum messaged me today...
- today, I wore my bit, recommended by Carol, for the third day, and went hunting, where my horse normally pulls for an hour & the old brake system used to fail when asked... Not today - to fully test the new Bit, I did not wear a noseband & got numerous comments about being "undressed"...
I was on a virtual loose rein the whole 4 hours, was able to jump without any fighting or rushing at the few jumps & watched whilst others w...ere struggling with a variety of gag's & nosebands with cranks & flashes...
I can't thank you enough to introduce me to the HP Lip Relief snaffle. My horse says a huge THANK YOU... so happy to have met you and ask you for your advice... Our flat & jump lesson yesterday was the best ever - jumping on a loose rein w/o the normal fight or rubbish paces.. freedom at last
From Samantha: OK, I'm mid 40's, have learnt over the years to be a bit sceptical of claims made about products and a bit too old to rave about gadgets and services but OMG, how pleased am I with Carols ability to change a horse?? 100% thrilled. Yes, that's a bold statement from me, but my word, it's true!! Like most people, I thought "my bridle is not tight, my horse seems to be working ok, the bit is mild" BUT it's not until Carol comes along and makes a few changes, that you realise how much BETTER your horse can be. Just a few tweaks can release a horses shoulders, a few minor adjustments to the noseband and you discover your horses back end can really move! My biggest worry now is how to harness this new found movement (but what a nice worry to have!)I would seriously encourage all horse owners who want the best for their horse to employ Carols services. You will have a much more relaxed and happy horse. It's the best money I've spent on my horses in years.
From Jeanette: I had HBF come out to look at my head shaker and youngster just starting in a bit and also included my daughters Fell Pony who has no problems and is happy in the bit she's always had (whatever Carol said, I was going to leave it alone, i.e. don't fix what's not broken, but didn't want my daughter accusing me of favouritism of my own horses)! So carol could easily see what I had agonised for months over with the head shaker and after adjusting everything on the bridle and swapping the bit over, I could easily feel that he no longer crashed into my hands when taking up a contact (very happy), the youngster also had his bridles adjusted and recommendation not to use the bit I was going to (eek) with good explanations, so that I could see why she was recommending another bit. Then my daughter pony - brought her out and off they went, head down, getting on politely with her job - a little stiff, but she'd been in the stable a couple of hours and she's 22yo (not in the least worried about that) BUT then Carol did her thing and swapped the bit and BLOOMING HECK the change was instant and it was like a completely different pony (no stiffness, longer stride, looking around, higher head and still polite). I still can't believe the change. Unfortunately you can't unknow what you know, so three new bits (ouch). And a very happy customer, reassured that my 'friends' are comfy. Thank you xx
From John and Nicky: A massive thank you to carol completely transformed my mare, who would not work in a consistent outline and wasn't happy in her mouth, now with the noseband loosened and a change to a 12mm Neue Schule team up we now have 9's in our dressage and scores of 73 and 74%. My husbands horse would lean pull you out the seat, kick out In Downward transitions.......Carol loosened the noseband, removed the flash and changed from a 16mm Sprenger to a 14mm Neue Schule Verbindend bit..........amazing results, no kicking out, no dragging and no leaning, he looks happier and is free in the's like he previously been ridden with the handbrake on and now he has found his gears and is relaxed all over ! Can't wait until you come my way and see the others ! Joanna sorted out my new recommended bits with a quick delivery service. Thank you again ladies. Happy Horses.
From Jane: From last to being in the top 3! Not bad...Hi carol, today we trundled off to our monthly club dressage comp. the standard is pretty high for a riding club and last time out we were last in both the novice and elementary tests. Tense pony didn't perform well. This has been an ongoing theme for some time..... Today, Indi felt softer and much more relaxed. We came third in a strong novice class of be bout 10 entries then pipped narrowly into 2nd in a strong elementary class. I made an error of course as I found out just as I was about to go in I had learnt the wrong test!! Without that we could have been on for a win! Anyway... Indi felt great and moved so much better. Still loving my new happy pony! Thank you x 
I began riding as a small child in the 60's. As a farmers daughter I did all the usual pony club and hunting stuff. This in the days when saddles came in 'one size fits all', there were no horse dentists, equine physios and all the other myriad equine services we are now bombarded with. I probably used the same bridle and bit on a random assortment of mounts and equally probably didnt considered the suitability as long as it seemed to fit reasonably well according to guidance from my 'manual of horsemanship' bible. I'm glad to say I have moved on and appreciate the importance of saddle fitting, dental care etc but today I moved on even further than I could have imagined! I took my horse for a consultation with the 'Horse Bit Fit lady'. WOW! I thought I knew how to fit my bridle and bit but with a few subtle adjustments the difference to her way of going was amazing! Her jaw softened, shoulders opened, hind legs engaged and suddenly she felt amazing. Now I don't know if it was witchcraft or just down to these subtle adjustments made by someone with a very in depth knowledge of equine anatomy and the biomechanics of equine motion but either way it was amazing. Thank you Carol Cobbett, I feel very excited about the future now!
From Sara: I would like to say a huge Thank you to carol for today. Thank goodness for your cancellation and being able to come to our yard. It was amazing to see and feel results as quick as we did, we are all so pleased and will keep you updated on our progress.  I highly recommend having a consultation with this lovely lady  Many thanks
From Joanna: I have had Carol stopping over for a couple of days. Yesterday I decided to go on a bit fit with her! 
This lady is amazing. Everything she explained in the stable assessment made total sense! 
In the ridden the horse came out overbent and showing stiffness in the hocks! 
Carol adjusted the bit to lie in correct place, loosened bridle off and sent the rider off in a circle! 
They say believing is seeing! Omg 😲 this horse instantly started to track up, no signs of hock stiffness , shoulders looser . Head soft and in correct position. 
Next job was to change the bit to a neue schule team up and by end of session ... happy horse and happy Rider!! 
So glad I went with her I was truly blown away 😍