Daniela Hancková

LANTRA accredited Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant through Horse Bit Fit Academy.

Based in the Slovak Republic. 

Neue Schule Certificate in Equine Bits and Bitting Science  I have owned and managed a small family stable and riding school for over 15 years. I realised the effect of bit and bridle on horse's comfort, behaviour and performance already on my first horse. As a trainer, I focus on the rider's seat, hand and the right combination of aids. My aim is to help riders and horse owners to understand their horses better, so they can get the feeling of harmony and unity. Bit and Bridle could be a very helpful tools to achieve it, but only if they are chosen and fitted well. Therefore, I would like to share awareness of the importance of Bit and Bridle for the welfare, performance and overall health of horses through educating, training and consulting.

email: info@danielahanckova.sk

web: https://danielahanckova.sk/

FB/ IG: Sám sebe trénerom