This policy is designed to ensure that Horse Bit Fit Ltd complies with its obligations under relevant legislation, including The Animal Welfare Act 2006, Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, Welfare of Animal Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 and Republic of Ireland Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013.

All Employees, Instructors, Assessors and Associates are responsible for promoting awareness of this policy and for monitoring its effectiveness and to ensure everyone including Learners understand their responsibilities and will familiarise themselves with the Animal Welfare Code of practice.

Horse Bit Fit Ltd objectives are to ensure the five animal welfare need are met. Namely the need for:
 For a suitable environment (place to live)
 For a suitable diet which includes fresh water at all time
 To exhibit normal behaviour patterns
 To be housed with, or apart from, other animals as required
 To be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease
Horse Bit Fit Ltd is committed to ensuring that when any training or assessment is taking place, or subsequent or post this activity, the health and welfare of animals has been well- thought-out. All animals they must be treated with compassion and respect and must not be mistreated or any unnecessary force used.

We will ensure we consider whether training and or assessment activity may involve or is likely to foresee that learners will come into contact with live animals or sites where any animals have been or can often be found and where activity may take place (example fencing or forestry) that all precautions have been taken to reduce any negligence that may impact animal welfare or the environment and any time. The use of chemicals, machinery, tools must be considered as well as ensuring that spreading or coming into contact disease is considered to minimum risk and contamination.

Horse Bit Fit Ltd will review the effectiveness of this policy by ensuing a risk assessment is carried out pre and post any training or assessment activity to ensure learners, staff or associates formally report any instances that may impact animal health and welfare or the environment.

This policy is reviewed regularly and updated annually or as and when required.
Republic of Ireland Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013

Animal Welfare Policy (Example Jan 19 V1.1)