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Horse Bit Fit

Unique service covering whole UK, Consulting on Bits and Bridles, removing pressure points to improve movement, and behaviour.

Horse Bit Fit News…

Lots going on at HBF in the past few weeks. We’ve taken on 4 new Consultants, 3 are now up and running in Scotland (Lesley), Cheshire (Meg), and Midlands (Cat). The Borders will be covered soon by Aimee. Due to workload, and occasional shuffle around of Postcodes we are always looking to take on new Consultants, at present South Wales there’s a vacancy. Please see website for more info, and contact form.

The Bridle ranges, Saturn, Scorpio, and Titan designed with are already a great hit. More details on both our websites. See Maureen’s story on our Blog (post before this one)

Are you looking to further your knowledge of Bit and Bridle fitting, how it affects your horses, and how just simple adjustments and changes can transform your horse’s movement? Horse Bit Fit now has CPD Accreditation on our Courses, Talks, Lectures, and Demos. Next course enrolment August 20th. Talks etc can be booked anytime using contact form on website.

Booking a Consultation is simple, use Postcode Checker on website, find your local Consultant, and then contact them direct.

Posted 285 weeks ago