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Horse Bit Fit

Unique service covering whole UK, Consulting on Bits and Bridles, removing pressure points to improve movement, and behaviour.

My Journey With Horse Bit Fit

2 years ago, I had never heard of Horse Bit Fit.

I run a Company called Horsemanship Saddlery UK, which supplied Australian Saddles, Bridles, Bits and other Tack.

In 2016, I was contacted by Carol Cobbett of Horse Bit Fit. She had been secretly testing my HP range of bits against the Myler and they had compared very favourably . Carol wanted to know if I would be interested in supplying bits for her new emerging band of Consultants to use during Consultations. I naturally, said, “Yes, of course” – and that was the beginning of our journey.

Over the last 2 years, the number of Consultants has grown from 2, to 5, to 10 now, all trying to make the world a better place for horses.

During that time, I have been asked to design and make other ranges of bits by HBF, bits that either were never in production, or brilliant older designs that are no longer available. HBF need a large range of styles, sizes and sides, as no 2 horses’ mouth, tongue and head conformation are the same. As a result, my store room now holds so many bits that I could melt them down and build a Jumbo Jet!

Last Autumn, I was asked by HBF to design a range of Anatomically Correct Bridles, as they could not find one on the market that ticked all the pressure point boxes. I think that this is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to get right. I remember Carol pulling my first attempt to pieces – and rightly so, as I had a LOT to learn!

Why did she not want my original Horsemanship Saddlery bridles? Because, looking back, our bridle ranges were awful. The quality was super, but the designs were typical, traditional styles – the headpiece was straight, the noseband headpiece ran under it, they had Crank or Flash nosebands – everything that horses HATE and that HBF are trying so hard to change for the comfort of the horse.

After many sample bridles were trialed, tweaked, new samples made, etc. we have FINALLY got 3 different bridle styles that fir 3 different horse head shapes – the SATURN, the SCORPIO and the TITAN for those BIG horses who always get left out of the Anatomical Revolution in bridle design! Just because that market is not large does not mean that they deserve a less comfortable bridle!

I have no idea where our joint journey will end – but Double bridles, Small Pony bridles and even a new concept Bitless bridle is on the horizon – quoting Jethro Tull, “It’s there in the distance – if you care to see”!!!

We live in exiting times!! JOIN US!!

Posted 242 weeks ago