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SMS Registered Qualified Saddle Fitter, and HBF LANTRA Accredited Bit And Bridle Fitting.

Henrietta Thomas. BHSAI. Equine Sports Massage Therapist providing a Holistic approach to Bit, Bridle and Saddle fitting.

Please contact via Text on 07801 767799

Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant

Sue Paine - HBF LANTRA Accredited To Consult on Bits and Bridles. Completely independent. Wide range of Bits and Bridles for trial. from Children's Ponies to Competition Horses. 

Saddle Fitter

Sue Paine - Qualified City And Guilds Saddler 1981 - Cordwainers College. Interested in Biomechanics, and how Saddles affect interaction between horse and rider.

Equestrian Equipment Supplier

Sue Paine - Horse Bit Fit recommended supplier for Bits and Bridles to LANTRA qualified Consultants (Starter Kits available). Tried and tested Anatomical Bridles stocked. Bits stocked from Dever, Eldonian, Neue Schule and Sprenger.

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