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Horse Bit Fit is pleased to introduce, and welcome Vicki Wise as a Consultant

It was my lovely Irish Sport Horse mare, Grace that led me to #HorseBitFit. I was looking for a consultation from someone who was impartial. and no, tied into recommending any particular make of bit to help as I did not think she was totally comfortable when ridden. Hence, my journey into the bit, bridle fitting world and HBF began!

I started riding at the age of 8, and have worked as a head groom at a Riding Stables in my teens and early twenties, commencing my studies with the BHS to become an instructor. Sadly, an injury I sustained at work plus losing my horse at the same time to colic, led me to change my career route completely.

I trained, qualified and worked as a Chartered Accountant for many years, also working on finance systems implementation which means I have a very logical brain and a holistic mindset that is always questioning why we do things a certain way and striving to find better solutions. In the last few years I decided to fulfil my lifetime wish to once again work with horses and left my role as an Accountant behind.

My love of horses never extinguished, and I was lucky enough to own another horse in my 30’s and have owned horses ever since. I have competed at BS and BE plus Riding Club Championship level.

I also have a thirst for knowledge and love science, in particular biomechanics, anatomy and equine behaviour. This knowledge I am planning on continuously developing to further understand horse/rider/equipment interactions, and to quiz the ‘status quo’ of long held ideas or beliefs around horses and their management and welfare.

I have been so lucky in the past few years, to be involved with via my own company, new emerging modern technologies that are becoming available for equestrians to improve our understanding and horse welfare, have had access to latest veterinary research and be involved with some UK Equine Colleges who are utilising these modern technologies in their research which I am proud to be part of.

My approach to bridle and bit fitting like my fellow HBF consultants is to look at the horse and rider holistically, and also utilising video playback to enable riders to ‘see what they feel’ throughout the consultation. Biomechanics and anatomy are such an important part and must not be ignored. For a horse to perform to the best of its ability, they must be fully comfortable, and the parameters of anatomy that we have to work with are very precise and do not leave much room for error. We have a duty of care to ensure our horses are happy, healthy and free of discomfort.


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