meg o'loughlin

horse bit fit


horse bit fit is pleased to introduce meg o'loughlin as a consultant

I graduated from a BSc Equine Science degree with first class honours, and am currently studying an MRes in Equestrian Performance at Hartpury. As an avid dressage rider I became particularly interested in biomechanics during studying for my degree which has continued as I progressed onto a masters.
I compete at British Dressage, and have my own young horses I hope to produce. I am owner and founder of Little Blue Biomechanics which uses Quintic software to assess rider position and equine movement to improve horse and rider performance. As I regularly ride and compete myself, both on young and more experienced horses I understand how important it is to ensure our horses are comfortable to allow them to work correctly and to the best of their ability. Bitting can be a ‘trial and error’ minefield which really can prove detrimental to both the horses way of going and well being. I am experienced in assessing equine biomechanics from the ground to improve harmony between horse and rider and have found sometimes bitting and bridle fit can get forgotten about, or be misunderstood.
I have trained with Grand Prix Dressage riders and completed Kelly Marks Intelligent Horsemanship courses to better understand and assess horse behaviour.
I am very excited to be joining the Horse Bit Fit team and hope my previous experience will help me to successfully make a difference to many horses!

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