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HORSE BIT FIT pleased to announce, and welcome Jane Cumberlidge as Consultant.
Helping horses (and their riders) to move to the best of their ability is my passion. Good biomechanics not only improves performance, but helps to prevent injury, keep both rider, and horse pain free. As a hoof care professional I spend a great deal of time watching horses move. I noticed that for some balancing their feet would improve their movement, but by the time I came back to see them again, they would be back to where we started. The problem was not coming from the foot but elsewhere – I had to look up to find out what was going on. One of the things that became very clear to me was the impact of saddle fit, and rider posture on the horse’s movement. This led me to train in saddling with Lavinia Mitchell. To be able to perform to the best of our ability whether in competition or just having a safe calm hack it is so important that riding equipment does not cause pain or discomfort to either party. However the saddle is not the only piece of equipment that forms the interface between horse and rider. My saddling clients frequently being asked questions about bits too, so it was a natural progression to train with Horse Bit Fit, and include bit and bridle fit consultations to the services I offer.
I am a member of Barefootworks, co-author of Barefoot Horsekeeping – The Integrated Horse and saddle fitter with LM Saddles.
I have three horses Harry, Breeagh and Piper. Breeagh and I are just starting out together under saddle. Harry and I enjoy classical riding and Piper has the important job of being their companion. I also have two dogs, Oitir and Bear who are usually with me where ever I go.

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