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Horse Bit Fit Academy Intro and Advanced Bit/Bridle Fitting Knowledge Courses

LANTRA, UKRS, and CPD accreditation available


Who is the course for?

HBF Intro Bit/Bridle Fitting Knowledge is for Riders, Owners, Grooms, and anyone involved within the Equine industry, wanting to expand, and update their knowledge of Bridle, and Bit Fitting, to improve welfare of the horse, horse's way of going, biomechanics, performance, also communication between horse and rider. It doesn't matter if you just hack once a week, compete at a high level, or work in an equestrian environment,  you will get so much from this course.
HBF Advanced LANTRA Accredited Consultant Course, is a follow on from our Intro Course. Enhancing your Bit and Bridle fitting knowledge to a standard, and recognised Accreditation required, to run your own business as a  Consultant on Bit and Bridle Fitting. 

Accreditations available, and who they are aimed at, and fees.

The CPD Accredited Intro Course, can be used for CPD equivalent to 20 hours/points. This is suited to anyone requiring CPD hours/points with their employment, or for their own personal development. 
The UKRS Accredited Intro Course, is aimed at Grooms, employees in large, and small equestrian yards, or anyone needing a Rural Skill qualification to advance their career in the industry. 
The LANTRA Accredited Intro Course, can be used for Equestrian Businesses, and individuals to enhance an established existing Business in the UK, and overseas. It is not a stand alone Bit/Bridle Fitting qualification to Consult on Bit/Bridle fitting in the UK. However the Accreditation does enable the student to follow up with the Advanced LANTRA Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant Course. Accreditation also enables a free listing on our Ethos Register.


CPD £225
UKRS Accreditation £255
LANTRA Accreditation £295
LANTRA Accreditation and CPD £325.
UKRS Accreditation and CPD £285.
UKRS Accreditation and LANTRA Accreditation £355. 
LANTRA Accreditation, UKRS Accreditation, and CPD £385
The Course, and knowledge is exactly the same, it's the Accrediting body that can be chosen to suit your needs as a student. One or more Accreditations can be chosen, as above. No Accreditation or Certificate is also an option for those just wanting the knowledge. Fee £195.
LANTRA Accreditation £495
LANTRA Accreditation and CPD £525
If you're based in Scotland you may get funding for our Courses from LANTRA Scotland. Apply to them direct:

Fees must be paid before taking the Course. Once you have logged on there is no refund. Should you change your mind before logging in the first time, within 14 days cooling off period. Refund would be available minus £45 admin charge.

Are qualifications needed to take the course?

No qualifications are needed, to take the Intro, and very little knowledge of Bits and Bridle Fitting. Mainly a passion to understand how they can affect a horse, if not the right choice for the horse, and not fitted correctly. The less "old school" knowledge you have is probably better, as this course will question most of what you've learned before.
Intro Bit/Bridle Fitting Course must be taken, and Distinction acquired before taking Advanced Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant Course 

What does it cover?

All the Courses are written by Carol Cobbett herself, Founder of Horse Bit Fit, with the back up of research, and science, which is now coming to the forefront of a horse's ridden welfare. It will take you from a Basic History of Bits, through several Brands, different Designs of both Bits and Bridles. Types of Nosebands and Bits. How they should be fitted correctly. How a horse maybe affected if they are not fitted correctly. Why horse's react in certain ways to badly fitted Bits, and Bridles. How pressure points from Bits and Bridles affect horses. Anatomy, and conformation of a horse's head, and mouth. It will dispel many Bit and Bridle Fitting Myths. In fact everything that is needed to correctly fit Bit and Bridle to a horse to improve it's welfare in ridden work, behaviour, and way of going. It is not based on equations, maths, percentages to baffle you, but excellent on hand knowledge, collected, learnt, and used on thousands of horses over many many years of Consultations, achieving amazing results.

How long will it take?

The Intro Course is solely online, it is available via Google Classroom App also. Consists of 21 sections, with 4/5 questions in each. A section will take from an hour to maybe 2 hours to complete. Notes and research will need to be read to source the answers, explaining, and teaching the HBF Knowledge, that is used in our Consultations. It would need to be completed in approx 8 weeks, depending on any other commitments you may have. There is a resit facility available, should this be necessary.
The Advanced Course is solely online, it is available via Google Classroom App also. Consists of 10 discussion, essay questions, and a submitted case study. 20 - 40 hours work over 2 months. PDF will be available with all the notes, research, this can be kept for reference. Advice on how to set up a Consultancy also provided.

What can I hope to achieve taking it?

By the end of the courses you should understand how to make the right choices of Bits and Bridles. How to fit them correctly for optimum comfort, welfare in ridden work, and performance of the horse. It will help you understand when problems are encountered in ridden work, how these can relate to Bits and Bridles, and what adjustments can be made to solve issues, and prevent others occurring. 

The Intro can lead up to taking Advanced LANTRA Consultant Course, and then Consulting, should you wish.

When will it be available, and how do I book? 

Next Intro Course Enrolment 20th NOVEMBER 2021, for Course starting 28th NOVEMBER 2021. (No Enrolments in December) There are student waiting lists for JANUARY 2022 onwards. Course places are limited. 

Next Advanced Course Enrolment 10th NOVEMBER 2021, for Course starting 18th NOVEMBER 2021.

Both are available to enrol monthly . So if you miss a start date, or can't fit it in at certain time of the year, there will be others chances regularly. To receive updates please subscribe to HBF emails, or register your interest to book, enrol on . Really easy to enrol, and join Course, and complete within the timescale. Payment is by Bank Transfer, or Debit/Credit link if overseas. Login details, and code to use for signing in to Google Classroom Course, and also HBF Knowledge notes, links, research, and a Welcome Page on this website are given out Course start date.