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Horse Bit Fit would like to introduce and welcome Ali Boyle....
My passion in life is happy horses and happy humans - nothing else comes close!
Having trained with the BHS to teach in my early days I have always had a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement to be become the best that I can be with horses and people. Even with over 30 years of teaching and training all types of horse and rider combinations in all disciplines, I continue to try to develop my own knowledge to help others find that ‘POSITIVE PARTNERSHIP’ with their horses.
As a Listed British Dressage Judge ‘Way of Going’ and the ‘Welfare of the Horse’ is paramount to us and anything we can do to help in improving our communication together with the horse must be a positive step forwards This is why I joined the great team here at HBF, as their holistic approach to bitting and bridle fitting including anatomy, biomechanics and seeing the horse as an individual fits perfectly with my own ethos of wanting a happy horse and a ‘positive partnership’ between horse and rider
Each horse is unique (in as much as we are unique) with different anatomy, physicality and history/experiences. As such we need to look at each horse’s own unique requirements when bitting and fitting bridles – We are often too influenced by the latest bit or gadget, not understanding what it will do for each individual horse or its impact …. It is rare that one size fits all, and when you consider that the Bit is one of the major influences in our communication with our horses, it’s amazing that we haven’t always consider their unique needs when choosing what’s right for us as a partnership?! This again is why the HBF ethos is so close to my heart …. ‘The horse tells us what it likes’ - not us telling you what it should have! We just help communicate their needs to you…
Over the years I have been privileged to work with many horse and rider combinations and have seen and picked up too many times the consequences of a loss of confidence in horse or rider, often to the point that the horse is to be sold or the rider/owner wants to give up. This breaks my heart as the start of this demise is often a simple misunderstanding/miscommunication that spirals into a breakdown of the relationship often mirroring human life with separation (no longer riding) ending up often in divorce (horse being sold on or ……… you can fill in the blanks!) But this doesn’t have to turn out this way… you can rebuild relationships and achieve success with a little help and guidance….
As an NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I can help when riders/owners are feeling demoralised or have lost confidence/self-belief. Working together on ‘Positive Mindsets’, where we harness the power of the mind to produce positive rather than negative thoughts and replacing that persistent circle of doubt with ‘positive success’. NLP helps to deal with limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging negative thoughts (the old I can’t, what if….) using a range of methods that change how individuals cope under stressful situations, putting the negative demoralising thoughts to one side and focusing on positive uplifting thoughts. NLP is recognised as one of the quickest ways to help delete negative emotions and replace them with new positive thoughts and behaviours, improving difficulties including overcoming anxieties and fear(Phobias) and improving self-confidence for both the horse and the rider. The changes that can be brought about by working together to build this positivity and confidence through effective communication and actions is incredibly rewarding and I love what I do!
By combining the experience and expertise I have in teaching, Judging and NLP along with HBF Bitting and Bridle fitting knowledge and skills I am one step further again in promoting the ethos for riders and their horses of Positive Partnerships with happy horses and confident riders. Encouraging clear communication and a better understanding that allows them to maximise performance, safe guard wellbeing and increase enjoyment for both, no matter what discipline or activity they choose!
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