Rachel Fuller

Horse Bit Fit Consultant


Horse Bit Fit Is Pleased To Welcome, And Introduce RACHEL FULLER

I am an experienced equine professional having worked within the equine and veterinary industries for over 28 years, on a variety of different yards, in the nutrition and saddlery sectors and within veterinary pharmaceuticals and wound management.

My passion for equine biomechanics was truly set alight whilst studying for a BSc Hons Equine Science degree where I completed a research project investigating how saddle fit affected movement over a single showjumping fence. From there my interest and knowledge has developed to include bridle and bit fitting, farrier and rider influence so I am very excited to now be part of the Horse Bit Fit team.

As a BHSAI I enjoy helping riders and horses perform to their best in which ever aspect of equestrianism they chose to follow. I have ridden and cared for many different horses during my life and they have all taught me well in their own way.

I currently own 2 horses (and a cheeky Shetland) who I ride and compete when I get chance.

I look forward to meeting you all soon


Reviews of Rachel's work

Recently had a clinic at my yard with Rachel - I was so impressed by her knowledge and the time she took with each horse - got lots of improvements in them all too! It's exciting to feel that even aft...er 30 years as a horse professional you can always learn more.
I would recommend this service to anyone looking to ride and train their horses ethically.

For all my equine comrades: There are days we ask ourselves why am i doing this? usually when we have a few "negative" rides, or not getting the "fun factor" like you used to, or you feel the horse is not going well, so we get the saddle checked, or we call for the dentist, which is closely followed by a massage and look at various food/diets - and that is just for the horse, all of which are a must, then we start on ourselves, but today I had something else - the "bit specialist". This has got to be the best money I have spent for some time. Various bits tried out whilst riding in the school together with a thorough bridle examination and "try out" of another type of bridle. I can honestly say that within one "circuit" of the school I noticed the difference. Not satisfied with that we kept tweaking the bit style and type, then going back to another one I'd previously tried. No rush, very informative but most importantly my horse changed literally as i was riding, a fantastic feeling for all of us, a softening in the neck, tension was clearly being released throughout the horses body, with the tail flowing and a better shoulder movement, the horse clearly was a lot happier and more comfortable. Rachel is absolutely full of information, has a lovely manner and approach and if you haven't contacted her by the time you finish reading this, then you are missing out! More importantly your horses well being and comfort might be improved giving you better results, after all, what have you got to lose? some more £ but then us horse owners are used to that! but you do have everything to gain. Our mojo is back. Thank you Rachel I am still buzzing

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