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horse bit fit would like to introduce, and welcome lyn beattie

Like many of us I have been around horses for most of my life, following the usual route through Pony Club to taking my BHSAI at 19. Then followed a few years working and teaching at various yards, including some time at a Dressage Yard in Germany (from where my passion for Dressage started).
I then had a break from horses when career and family priorities took over. A few years of living in France, with our own land was the perfect opportunity to become a horse owner once again. What I discovered was that the whole horse world had changed! Some changes not so good but some very interesting and incredibly useful changes as more research and information has become available in the field of horse anatomy and biomechanics. I have a particular interest in fascia its relationship with the whole body in both the horse and rider, and how therapies such as Bowen and Myofascial Release can help to keep both horse and rider balanced and healthy.
I currently own a 9 year old PRE mare, I am passionate about the Iberian breeds, and promoting their incredible versatility. My beautiful incredibly sensitive girl has taught me so much about myself and how important correct and patient training is. When I’m not riding I spend a lot of my time judge writing and following on from that will start my Judge Training later this year.
I am proud to work alongside the incredible Team of people that has become Horse Bit Fit and believe that bit and bridle fitting has long been a neglected part of horsemanship often thought of as just “brakes”, or subject to the vagaries of fashion. It is an exciting time to be involved in bit and bridle fitting as more understanding comes to the forefront of the importance of having a comfortable and happy horse in his mouth and whole head region and the relationship that bit and bridle fitting has with the horse as whole, his health and optimum performance.

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