Joanna mann

horse bit fit


Horse Bit Fit are pleased to introduce and welcome Joanna Mann as a Consultant...

I have felt a great affection for all animals since I was a child & a real connection with horses since I started riding at the age of 4. Progressing from ponies to horses as I grew up. I fell in love with the gentle & often misunderstood thoroughbred. Every thoroughbred I rode taught me that gentle & patient handling gets the best results & creates a true bond. If they are having a fit, they are just trying tell you they are worried &/or in pain, not being naughty.
When I took on a lovely horse called Daniel he taught me to always listen to him, even if it was not to go one way in the forest...guess what, if I didn't listen we would end up on a track that was impassable because of a fallen tree or some such thing so yes, he was always right! He lived a very long & opinionated life with me until his passing in his 30's.
Around this time, I decided I wanted to help more horses and expand my knowledge in biomechanics & trained as a Equine Shiatsu Practitioner - a massage technique that uses acupressure points to release the muscles & rebalance the horse. Seeing the improvement in the horses really fuelled my thirst for knowledge about these incredible creatures & I trained as a Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Therapist. As time past, I felt there was a missing link to my tool kit & I kept seeing horses who where head shaking, with their mouths clamped shut with flashes & nosebands - none of this sat right with me. The ill fitting bits & often painfully tight bridles I was seeing were impacting on the horses performances & reflecting in their bodies, a tight poll, TMJ issues, uneven muscle coverage - the list goes on! So this is when my interest was drawn to bit & bridle fitting.
Becoming a Bit Consultant with Horse Bit Fit is amazing & that missing link can now be filled. The change in a horse with the correctly fitting bit & bridle is astounding & quite magical to see.