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Horse Bit Fit are pleased to introduce and welcome Jess Rudkin

I firmly believe that horses perform at their best, progress more quickly, and have longer, healthier ridden careers, when they’re as comfortable as possible in their work. Whether we want to compete at a high level, or we live for those training breakthroughs at home, or we want to hunt or hack about the countryside, riding shouldn’t feel like a struggle, for either the horse or the rider. We all strive to be the best riders that we can and to do right by our horses. But working out what that is can be a minefield with a million different firmly-held(!) opinions to try to sift through – and that’s before you’ve even left your friends at the yard and started reading things online!!!
The interface between horse and rider is complex – the saddle, the girth, the bridle, the bit – and thankfully proper research on all these areas has really started to come through in the past couple of years. Though a lot of it isn’t always unbiased or independent of commercial interests, so beware! We all know a badly fitting saddle can cause all worlds of damage and distress. A journey through saddle-fitting hell, with a horse who (expensively!) disagreed with a long succession of very highly-regarded and skilled saddle fitters, led me to train as an Approved Advisor with Solution Saddles. But the true impact of the bridle and the bit is only just really beginning to be considered. And now I’ve trained with Horse Bit Fit because finding the best bit and the most comfortable bridle has the power to change your horse’s whole way of going from end to end, not just to fix ‘problems’ in the mouth… And to find what’s really best for your individual horse, I believe we need consultants who are independent of any one manufacturer - and crucially who are not hoping to sell you anything! Trial and error can get you improvements for sure. But investing an hour or so in getting it right for your horse’s individual mouth anatomy can prevent so many frustrating struggles along the way.
At home, I am currently introducing my lovely warmblood to piaffe, passage and pirouettes, and we do a bit of eventing for fun. I’m also currently training as a BD judge.

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