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Horse Bit Fit is pleased to announce, and welcome James Cooling, as a Consultant

I am a LANTRA qualified Bitting Consultant, and I'm an Advanced Consultant, LANTRA Tutor, with #horsebitfit.

I firmly believe bitting a horse should not be left to"trial and error". This traditional approach to bitting can lead to an expensive, lengthy process, and can cause significant welfare issues for the horse. I approach bitting with a view to improving your horses comfort, biomechanics, contact and cooperation.

I am involved in training and teaching bitting concepts. This includes training other consultants, providing lecture demonstrations to riding clubs and other professional organisations I am constantly striving to improve my own knowledge and experience in order to enhance consultations for clients.

I am happy to work with horses and riders from all disciplines and abilities.

I have over 35 years experience of riding, training and competing horses in a variety of disciplines. I have completed BHS Stage exams, Intelligent Horsemanship training and worked with Monty Roberts in the UK and California. I currently run my own yard with 7 horses and focus on classical training.

I provide lessons as a freelance teacher. I am happy to work with horses with remedial problems and I work as a Saddle Fitter for "The Saddle Company".

Outside of the equine industry I have a strong background in science, anatomy/physiology and critical thinking. I utilise these skills in my equine work to improve understanding of current research on bit and bridles, saddlery, training techniques and biomechanics.

Reviews of James' work

I've just had a bit fitting clinic with James. He was great: patient and knowledgeable; we tried several bits and at the end we found the right bit for my horse. He even helped me with the fine-tuning remotely, after the clinic, and spotted an unerupted wolf tooth that both my vet and dentist had missed - so I have a happier horse, which makes me happy too. All good, highly recommended. Thanks James

James came to see my showjumping mare on Tuesday last week and after spending a lot of time trying different bits to suit her due to her been very sensitive we have hopefully found the perfect bit. after ordering the trial for the bit we was out on the Saturday and won our first class back after a month off with a lovely smooth double clear! she is so much more relaxed and rideable and James made sure it was the right bit before finishing. very pleased thankyou James!


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I will try to answer your communications, and queries within 48hrs.

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