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horse bit fit would like to welcome and introduce our first resident consultant in Europe, Ireland.

Born in Yorkshire with a passion for horses from since I can remember I got my first pony at the age of 8, a little section B called Sparky who fueled a lifelong love of these amazing animals. Leaving school I studied floristry at bishop Burton before going back to study their Equine Science course. Over the years and after owning a tack shop for three years I have found myself drawn away from the commercial hype of horse keeping and down a more holistic path, realising that a lot of the ‘problems’ horses have are basically a problem of lack of communication between horse and rider.
Moving to Ireland I bought Reeva a two year old Irish Draught filly which led me to spend a lot of time exploring different bitting and bridle options which in turn led me to Horse Bit Fit. After speaking to Carol and spending time shadowing the extremely talented James Cooling the Yorkshire consultant I was amazed by how actually looking at what is going on with your horses head, bridle and bit made such a huge difference to the biomechanical performance. Studying the consultants course was a joy as it answered all the questions that have never been really been addressed in bitting and bridle fitting with amazing results, and a much happier, more willing horse. Gracie a young connemara was added to my furry family and joins Lottie and Lulu my two naughty sprockers and Blue and Ollie, the two stray cats that never seem to stray far from the fire !
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MOBILE Ireland 0894 457252.

EMAIL h.meadows.hbfconsultant@gmail.com