what can i expect from a consultation?

Although there are several Consultants, the Consultations all follow the same guidelines. each Consultant brings their own expertise, knowledge and professional approach to the Consultations.
Stable Consultations (NOT AVAILABLE AT PRESENT) are for size, fitting, looking at conformation of mouth. Pressure points from Bits/Bridles. Notes will be taken of any changes to be made during the following Ridden. If just a Stable check, there will be advisories given. Issues can not be solved with just a Stable Check, its mainly for youngsters, and horses on box rest.
Ridden Consultations are mainly done at Walk, Trot unless specified by rider. Any changes to Bits/Bridles that were noted during Stable Check, will be done now, not before the rider is mounted, as the Consultant needs to see how your horse goes in your set up. Changes may include loosening Nosebands, removing Nosebands, highering/lowering Bits in the mouth. Change of Bit. Change of Bridle. All these changes are done with care and consideration for horse, and rider.
Notes are taken, advisories given, and you have a copy of this to keep.   

what area does horse bit fit cover?

Horse Bit Fit covers the whole UK, ROI. We have Resident Consultants in most areas. Use Postcode Maps, to see who is in your area, you can then contact them direct,

How much are consultations?

There is a minimum charge for a yard visit of £65. The more horses booked in, the cheaper Consultations are, see prices here 

do you bring bits to try?

Yes we do, Bridles too! Our advice is unbiased as we are NOT tied to any brand or type of Bits. 

does the horse need to be tacked up and ready?

We do not want the horse tacked up, as we need to see if there's a change in the horse when this is done. Also we don't want the horse warmed up beforehand. 

how long is a consultation?

This of course depends entirely on the horse, and what issues there may be, but click here for a guide to times.

is there a limit to how many horses can be seen in a day? can you do just one?

How many is down to the Consultant who books you in, it can range from 6 to 12! Clinics can be done over 2-3 days if necessary. Just one horse can be seen if need be, there is a minimum charge, see prices 

can I have ridden consultation in my field?

The Consultations are based on the Biomechanics of horses. Therefore the ground must be flat, not rutted, not too hard, or muddy. A horse must be able to move freely, and safely on the ground. An arena or school is preferred. should the Consultant decide on the day that the ground is not suitable, they have the right to cancel the Consultation. It must also be a safe area to change Bits/Bridles in.   

do you sell bits, and bridles?

No we do not sell Bits or Bridles, but we do have suppliers who we can recommend to supply them, but you are free to purchase from wherever you wish.

is there any sort of follow up, or help after consultation?

Consultants will gladly help you after a Consultation if there's any problem with what was recommended on the day.  

how quickly can my horse be seen?

That depends entirely on where you live, and whether there is a Resident Consultant in your area. Use Postcode Maps, link on our Home Page to see. More Consultants are joining us, and waiting times has dropped considerably. 

my horse cannot be ridden (youngster or injury) can they still be assessed?

Yes your horse can still be assessed for size, fitting, conformation of mouth with a Stable Consultation, (NOT AVAILABLE AT PRESENT) but unfortunately issues can't be solved without seeing a horse ridden.

Do the consultants have insurance? 

All our Consultants have their own Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, and DBS (Disclosure and Barring) check.