Horse Bit Fit Ethos Register

The easy way to find the Consultant or Professional you need, with the knowledge, qualifications, and ethos you want.
Every Equine Professional, or Consultant listed has been LANTRA Accredited through Horse Bit Fit, either via Intro Course used to enhance their Equine business, or the Advanced Consultant Course for Bit And Bridle Fitting.
This register will be built up over the next few months, as we get more details in to add, and as Covid allows. We apologise for the inconvenience if there isn't the Professional you require in your area yet.
There is advice available remotely HERE to help anyone out if needed, until a Consultant is available.

Areas In UK:

South East England
South West England
Central England
East Anglia
North East England
North West England
North Wales
South Wales
Northern Scotland
Southern Scotland
Areas in Australia:
Western Australia - Perth to Kununurra
Sprenger are offering follow up Courses for students LANTRA Accredited through Horse Bit Fit. These can be arranged through HBF, just email here