claire marshall

horse bit fit


horse bit fit is pleased to welcome, and introduce Claire marshall

I have been riding and looking after horses since the age of 11. I am a keen enthusiast of horses and history, and have been involved in historical riding styles and re-enactment since my teens. Since 2010 I have been focused on Iberian horses and their traditional disciplines which have a strong sense of historical relevance on the Iberian Penninsula. I keep Spanish purebred horses and am passionate about promoting their work as fantastic all round horses, in dressage and for their versatility as livestock management horses. I trained as an archaeologist with a special interest in the archaeology of equine furniture and equipment in prehistory and early European history. This led me to also replicate and design tack and equipment for historical display teams. My work is now dominated by saddle fitting for baroque, Iberian, historical and english tack and I work under holistic principles to bring together the best in tried and tested saddle design with new ideas and research into equine biomechanics. I am delighted to be joining the Horse Bit Fit team for the NW region as bit,bridle design, fitting and suitability is just as important in assessing its suitability as is that of the saddle.