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Having been involved with horses and ponies for the past 30 years, I have spent most of my career in the Equine industry. I worked at the British Equestrian Federation for almost ten years coordinating all the young horse initiatives and equine development programme. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the BEF and feel privileged to have worked alongside top industry professionals in the veterinary world and Olympic disciplines. I trained as an Equine Craniosacral therapist alongside my work at the BEF as I became more involved in the biomechanics and sports science that keeps our world class equine athletes on the road. Even then I often felt the horses head was overlooked, we put so much pressure on such a sensitive area, why are we not paying more attention? Whilst treating horses I will often feel tension and tightness especially through the TMJ, poll and hyoid which I can help release through treatment but always felt there was a missing link, the tension may come back if the bridle and bit isn’t suitable, so I am thrilled to become a member of the Horse Bit Fit Team and help your horse or pony feel more comfortable in his ridden work and outlook and help you reach your full potential as a partnership.

In my spare time I also run a dressage stud and bred the British Dressage 2017 Novice Gold Champion - His Highness. I have some exciting homebreds that I am looking forward to producing in the near future, backing them at home before they begin their competition careers.

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