Lesley smith



I am a UKCC Level 2 coach and working towards my BHSAI. I am also currently studying towards my TCAP certification in Equine Sports Massage.

I have over 25+ years’ experience riding, owning and working with horses and have taught at riding schools, pony clubs, as well as private clients and their horses.

I have had horses all my life and grew up in a horsey family. As a child I learnt to ride and sit a buck or two on my older sister’s welsh pony and it was fair to say I was hooked from then on….

My horsey gang currently consists of: -

Millie – 30-year-old hackney x welsh pony who we broke to ride and drive. She now lives a life of leisure but likes to regularly escape from her field and takes herself in to her stable!

Bali – 21-year-old ex-racer who I bought from a local riding school and rehabilitated / reschooled. I got him when he was 12 years old. He is a very sensitive chap and quite institutionalised from his racing back-ground as he was kept on the racing yard after his racing career ended to be a lead horse, so his job was to help set the pace on the gallops for the youngsters in training. Because of this it was important to take our time and I reschooled him slowly. We had a go at everything with him; dressage, show jumping, XC, hacking…. he is now retired but very chilled and enjoying life as a field companion.

Blossom –14-year-old ISH. She is my sisters horse and I coach them both regularly several times a week. They decided at the start of last year that they wanted to give eventing a go, so we built out a training and fitness programme for them both and they successfully started BE80 last year and will be moving up to BE90 this year.

I am also in the process of buying a new horse for myself which I plan to event with so all very exciting and quite daunting at the same time…

Throughout my horsey life and career, one thing that has always been important to me is the happiness and well being of my horse. I have always had a strong desire to understand the “why” when it comes to horses as every reaction from them is because of something “we humans” have done to them. To start with we are expecting horses to do a job they are not designed to do, which is to carry us on their backs and then to add to that jump fences, canter circles etc all the time remaining balanced with an unnatural weight to carry. We owe it to our horses as responsible owners and riders to ensure we are providing our horses with the correct fundamentals to make sure every day life for them, regardless if they are 3* event horse or a happy hacker a pleasurable and harmonious one. Getting the fit of your horses bit and bridle right is paramount, and for me is the starting point to building trust with your horse and enabling them to perform to their full potential – I find it hard to believe that “we” as equestrians have gone so long without more focus and education in this area. Luckily Horse Bit Fit are changing this and I am delighted to be part of it!

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